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I just got done watching the YouTube video by Tai Lopez “One Simple Talk That Will Change Your Life“. It’s such a transparent talk that made me instantly feel like I needed to stop everything I were doing and just blog about it. No school or professor will tell you this kind of stuff. None that I’ve ever heard of anyway.

Here’s a quote from the very start of the video that got me hooked. It goes like this: “You can only pick one thing that you want out of life, and if you pick the wrong thing, you’ll never really be successful.”

Do you want to be an entrepreneur? You shouldn’t optimise for it as Tai Lopez says… Your main goal should be to live a good life and then everything else should only support that vision. Entrepreneurship, or whatever else you do for your career, is just a means to an end. Far too many people often focus on the wrong things, and then before they realise that they got burned, it’s usually too late to go back which results in nothing but regret.

Listed below are his point of views, which are chunks I grabbed from the video and simplified as much as I could:

1. The Exchange Test.

Asking yourself the following question around almost anybody you meet “Would I exchange lives with this person?”. It shouldn’t be to see if they’re smart or good people, it would be one simple factor: To see if they’re optimising for the right thing.

So for example, you say “I want to be an entrepreneur” however that’s not something you should optimise for. You have one life, you get one chance on this planet and if you only optimise to be an entrepreneur then you would be neglecting other basic necessities like health, love, happiness… We could agree that there’s so many miserable out of shape millionaires in the world.

Can you imagine being so fat you can’t even get out of bed with a stacked bank account? Would you want to be that person? I guess not, this clearly shows that those sort of people are optimising the wrong things for an abundant lifestyle. “There’s nothing worse in life than realising you got good at the wrong thing.” Which leads us to the next viewpoint of what Tai Lopez is getting across.

2. Health Is Wealth.

If you haven’t already heard the powerful saying “When people are young, they lose health to get wealth, and when they’re old they use wealth to try get back their health”. Tai Lopez elaborates on the importance of keeping your health superior, even if it means making your money a little slower which I totally agree with, especially when you can’t invest, donate or enjoy it.

Tai Lopez even mentioned that he has a chef cook nutrition-packed meals for him, and one of his friends suggested that he used the money to invest and grow his business even bigger instead of funding a private chef, to which Tai said “Yeah but I have a better, healthier life than you”. His friend immediately smiled and agreed. Tai continued to say “What does it profit a man to have all the money in the world, but eat shitty food? The first thing you should do when you start making more money is to eat better food, it is the most primal need of humans.”

I have had entrepreneur friends and business partners go through a period where their health weren’t so good and all of them said from their hospital bed that they would give up their bank account to feel better again. That means a lot coming from those earning thousands on a daily basis even when it’s pouring in on autopilot.

The question I could ask you now is: “Do you want to be the richest person in the graveyard?”.

3. Time Vs Money.

Finances do play a huge role in our lives, especially to experience a lifestyle of abundance in developed countries, yet many people find themselves a slave under somebody that under-valuates their time.

Having a J.O.B (Just Over Broke) so they can afford to have a life, but then spend most of their time at work and end up with no time to even live the life they’re working for. How does that make sense? Unbelievable right? This is what 90% of the population are doing and they don’t even realise it.

There’s a huge amount parent’s out there that entice their children to become a dentist so they’ll make more money when the kid is artistic. This is a huge NO. If you have kids and they’re genuinely talented artists, let them be an artist. Clearly just because it’s from our parents doesn’t mean it will be good advice, they might unintentionally guide us to lead a dissatisfied lifestyle.

Like Tai Lopez mentioned: “It’s better to be a poor artist and love life than be a wealthy dentist and hate life”.

I hope I could help you with the nuggets shared from Tai Lopez. He is the definition of success.


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