7 Reasons Why Habits Make You Successful

Living a healthy and organised lifestyle is done by transforming your knowledge, eating plan, exercise plan or inspiration into a daily habit. Successful people stress the importance of forming good habits, but have you ever wondered why they are actually important?

Below you’ll find why they will make you successful with some practical tips to create productive routines.

1. Habits Are Who You Are.

What is a habit? A habit makes up everything you do on a daily basis without thinking much about it. There’s probably 20 habits you do that you don’t even think about. For instance: Brushing your teeth a certain way, reading the morning paper with a coffee, taking your phone with you to the toilet.

They can be something as simple as checking the lights are off in the kitchen or even huge routines like running a 500+ staff company are being used today (after years of habit building this is possible).

Habits become such a part of your routine that they become who you are and how your day runs.

Do you want to change or be a different person? Learn, create and start a new habit!

2. Habits Are Easy To Change.

Once you are aware of the habits you have in your daily routine, you can change or add new ones to your routine with a very simple method: Do or don’t do the habit and make sure you maintain it for at least 30 days, it will become usual to your routine quicker than you might think.

Old habits can be tough to break because your mind and body are so used to doing them, like smoking or biting your nails. For example, if you want to start eating healthier, turn down the morning doughnut until it becomes second nature to skip it anytime you have breakfast.

Changing your habits will crush you and it may require some willpower at first since your mind won’t understand why you didn’t do what you usually would. Eventually, they will become normal and you won’t even have to think about doing them.

3. Habits Are Essential For Reaching Goals.

If becoming a marathon runner interested you, you couldn’t just jump into the first marathon that comes available. It would take months if not years of building up your fitness, strength, and endurance to compete in such a race.

The main step of reaching any goal is establishing productive daily habits. If you want to become successful, it is essential to start the daily habit of learning and taking action on what it is that you’re striving for.

For example, growing into a successful entrepreneur and business owner requires the following daily habits:

  • Learning the structures of a business start-up (See my post about that here).
  • Dreaming big, having faith and believing in yourself.
  • Self-development: Reading, listening, watching valuable content.
  • Execution (most people fail at this, they do everything else but don’t take action).
  • Prioritising tasks, taking small steps that build into the big dream.
  • Finding a proven mentor, listening and implementing strategies.
  • Transforming setbacks into comebacks.
  • Team-building skills, finding talented people to do what you suck at.
  • Delegating non-important projects so you can focus on growth.

If an aspiring entrepreneur were to master those mentioned above and many other productive routines, they would be unstoppable. People like Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuk all practice good habits in their daily routine that supports them to function as effective as they do.

4. Habits Are Your Life’s Foundation.

Since habits become who you are, whichever ones you choose to follow will set the flow of your life. This can be emotional, physical, spiritual and other forms depending on what habits you decide to run with.

If you have a habit of greeting your children with excitement, you will become an exciteful person. When you have a habit of eating healthy food, then you will become a healthy person. Like the rest, if you study and take action around wealth, you will become a wealthy person. You get the point.

5. Habits Are Step One Of Your Life Plan.

If you have a life goal, it isn’t the goal that will help you reach your dreams. It is solely the habits that you form and be consistent with whilst trying to get there. Habits are the technique of reaching any goal or succeeding in any of your plans.

6. Habits Eliminate Wasted Time.

We tend to waste a lot of time in our daily lives. Most of us would rather do easy things, never doing anything difficult or challenging. However, creating good habits will help us become more efficient and reduces how much time we waste.

This enables us to be more productive through the day, blocking time-wasting actions. If you’re wasting time on things like constantly scrolling down your Facebook newsfeed, you may need to evaluate your daily habits and see where you’re drifting.

7. Habits Are Cousins With Motivation.

We all have those days when we just really don’t feel like doing anything productive. It could be exercising, working or eating good nutrition. But when there are habits in our daily routine, they become second nature and we just do them without having to think about it.

Even if you have one day that you don’t eat healthy, you will still be stuck in a habit of eating properly the day after. Instead of the other way around, eating junk all week and trying to squeeze one healthy meal in there. You all know who you are. Haha!

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