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Hi, my name is AJ Iredale (less commonly known online as Aaron Jayden Iredale). Residing in England, Leeds – the lovely county of Yorkshire. My passion is branding, marketing, business and giving a damn about people.

I’ve worked with a handful of top marketers in and around the network marketing industry since I enjoy the presence of the entrepreneurial and self-development type of people. First of all, I started by helping brand them, their products and campaigns by designing banners, social media graphics, websites and landing pages. Without the correct branding, our impression is weak right?

Eventually, I moved towards advanced branding, design and marketing with funnels, membership sites and the entire creation of back offices for clients.

This is my personal blog in which I help with lead generation, business strategies and the importance of branding for Network Marketers, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.

Are you going through debt, struggle, worry? I used to also. Thanks to some life changing decisions I have made, I am no longer in that position.

I am going to cover for you. I really hope you get some value and some inspiration to make changes to your own life so that you don’t need to worry about debt and struggle for your family. But before I get into how I can help you and your business – written below is my background and how I got to where I am today.


Pre-entrepreneur life

I grew up in Middleton, Leeds with my brother, mother and father. Both hard working parents, they always gave me and my brother everything we needed, for that I am truly grateful. However, in the year 2010 (aged 14) my parents had a few disagreements which resulted in them being divorced, in debt and losing our home through eviction. They eventually parted ways due to the issues so myself and my brother moved with our mother. Money from income or savings were non-existent because of what happened, I’m sure you have struggled at one point and know how it feels to hit rock bottom.

Still trying to understand where it all went wrong at such a young age, I was inspired to take action and help my family out in whatever way I could. That’s when I took an interest in design, spending countless hours watching tutorials, free courses and doing free designs for local events and charities in exchange for experience, at this point my designs weren’t worth paying for, but I knew that was only temporary. Are you aware of that in your life? Maybe you aren’t earning much now but that is only temporary. I’ve always loved the idea of having my own business all from a young age, designing was just something I knew I could use for investing in my future to progress my skills in business.

When I reached age 16, I finished school and was urged to attend college for plumbing whilst labouring with my father part time, which paid little money but paid a lot of motivation (If you’re busting your tail off working long hours for little money, you will know how I felt). Noticing the friends I had around me were also working long hours for somebody else. This is something I could not imagine myself doing. Right now I’m guessing you don’t want to do that for the rest of your life either, most of all with the power of the internet so that’s when I realised I wasn’t on the right path that I wanted to be on. I couldn’t even pass an interview for an apprenticeship!


Why entrepreneurship?

I dropped out of college and stopped labouring with my father and eventually started a journey from my bedroom at home, building myself and my business from the ground up.

When I say building ‘myself’, I got deep into self-development by reading books, taking courses, watching seminars and other content I could consume (wealth, entrepreneurship, business and productivity). Most of all I preferred self-development over going out and partying, playing games, hanging around doing nothing productive. I consider it as being obsessed with becoming a better version of myself every single day. I advise you to do the same, it will pay off in the end.

I strongly believe that if I didn’t go through the struggle of having everything to literally nothing as a young boy, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I appreciate everything that has ever happened to me in the past because it has totally changed my future. For that I am grateful, I learned that life doesn’t happen TO you, it happens FOR you.

Approaching age 18. I began seeing results from years of learning and persistence, through utilising social media, I connected with other entrepreneurs, business owners and internet marketers and with a keen eye, I instantly spotted problems within their campaigns and fixed them – mostly in exchange for advice or connections. From doing this, I grew a network of clients that I began to work closely with through trust and loyalty, developing a strong business relationship.

I became really close to my clients by 20 years old, who were at that time making £10K-£20K per MONTH. It made me ask them how I could do the same and since I provided them with a lot of value over the years they generously spilt some golden nuggets to me. From which I then implemented and saw results I’ve never seen before, literally making a months worth of the usual 9-5 wages… I’m talking £2000 in 3 to 4 days. Until I had them transactions going into my bank, I didn’t believe it either. It used to take me 2 months to make £1200 on a building site. Imagine the difference not having to leave the house and making almost double that in 4 days.

After evolving from a lost young man into a focused entrepreneur by learning, growing and taking risks daily. I can now offer even more value to people like you and I am proud to say I have changed more than a few lives with my passion for helping others. I have also worked with celebrities, TV personalities, high profile clients and top earning Internet Marketers.


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